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A Day in the Life of Beatrice Dodi: Owner of B Dodi

Posted by Maria Beatrice Dodi on
Beatrice DodiEver wondered what a day in the life of a designer looks like? Well, today, I'm inviting you to step into my world. I'm Bea, a jewellery designer based in the vibrant neighbourhood of Stoke Newington. My life is a fascinating blend of creativity, mindfulness, and community. Join me as I take you through a typical day, from my morning rituals to my late-night adventures.


Morning Rituals: A Creative Start

I wouldn’t be Italian if my day didn’t’ begin with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at 7am. But it's not just any coffee; it's a meticulously crafted mocha with oat milk and a hint of cinnamon. As the coffee brews, I recite my morning ritual spells, setting a positive tone for the day ahead. Breakfast is a delightful affair, featuring Nutella and bread, complemented by yogurt and fresh fruits. All of this is enjoyed with low-volume music from NTS radio shows, setting a calming atmosphere for the morning.

After nourishing my soul and my body, it's time to attend to my adorable companion, Lilith my adorable little cat. She's greeted with croquettes, wet food, and playful moments filled with catnip-induced joy.

Abney Park, London

Next on my agenda is a commitment to mindfulness and physical well-being. I follow a 20-minute to half-hour yoga session led by Adriene on YouTube. This practice is followed by a meditation session, which alternates between breathing exercises with a white candle and the ancient art of Kundalini yoga. If the weather is inviting, I head to the serene Abney Park for a tranquil stroll, connecting with nature before diving into a creative day.

With a clear mind and a nourished spirit, I walk through the picturesque parks to my studio. By 11am, it's time to dive into the day's work, starting with administrative tasks and replying to emails. But the heart of my day lies in the afternoon, where creativity truly takes centre stage.


Fueling the Imagination: Lunchtime Choices

Lunchtime presents a choice between a home-cooked meal or a delicious treat from the local Turkish shop or Co-op. Whether it's a homemade dish or a savoury Gozleme, I ensure that this meal fuels my creative spirit for the afternoon ahead.

Jewellery making

From 2:30pm to 5pm, I immerse myself in the world of jewellery making, accompanied by the rhythm of music. This is a time for assembling orders and designing alongside my talented assistant. The studio is a hub of creativity, where ideas turn into tangible pieces of art.

As the clock strikes 5pm, I may continue crafting jewellery, have fittings with clients, or dive back into administrative tasks. The workday typically wraps up around 9pm.


Evening Delight

Bea at a gallery

The evening is a time for unwinding and embracing the local art scene and community. I often indulge in late Italian meals at home, cooking up delightful pasta dishes or seafood feasts. Cooking serves as a therapeutic outlet, allowing me to decompress after a creative day.

My social life is rich and diverse, featuring art exhibitions, drinks with friends, and dinners at local hotspots. Occasionally, I let loose by venturing out to club nights, including favourites like Vanitas club and Earth Hackney, or attending friends' gigs. But all days end with snuggles from Lilith.


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