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With 'Apepis' the brand explores the concept of Chaos, Regeneration and Rebirth, inspired by the tale of the Egyptian divinity ‘Apep’.

As in B Dodi tradition, pagan deities and ancient tribal myths are explored and dissected, worked upside down and brought to light in the form of futuristic fashion pieces.


B_DODI women and men are strong, bold, irreverent, sensual.

An Army of powerful knights, dressed in body armour.

‘Apepis’ gives a twist to the brand leather chromatic palette, adding shock of colour in a electric blue and lilac hues, used on bags and mini X studded skirts.

Our futuristic yet refined aesthetic is developed further with sleek stainless steel face-jewels adorned by Aqua stones, Black Rhodium and Sterling Silver Snakes Nail Rings and black metal jewelry.