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D Ankh Ear-cuffs

£135.00 £110.00

Half Ankh | Half Devil

Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, the ankh, and the Samekh letter in Hebrew, symbol of the devil, these statement ear cuffs are made from stainless steel and are shaped for comfort. This genderless piece lets you explore your individuality with a futuristic statement accessory.

The Cosmogonia collection is inspired by the strength of cosmos and its rule over human life, through our psyche, desire and the various different needs that make each person unique. Drawing the energy of individual planets through jewellery can give us more power in our day-to-day lives, while transforming any outfit.

 Sold as a pair



Dionne wears size M

Measure your ear with a soft tailor tape measure, as shown in the drawing. 


Composition:  100% stainless steel


BACKORDER: the lead time is 2-3 weeks plus shipping