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Samekh Pendent - Rough Quartz



Genderless and futuristic, the pendant is the letter Samekh from the Semitic alphabet which is believed to be a mysterious entity,  associated to the Devil in certain cosmogonies. Crafted from aluminium, the pendant which is embellished by rough transparent quartz encrusted onto the metal hangs on a Stainless Steel necklace.

The Cosmogonia collection is inspired by the strength of cosmos and its rule over human life, through our psyche, desire and the various different needs that make each person unique. Drawing the energy of individual planets through jewellery can give us more power in our day-to-day lives, while transforming any outfit.

Every stone is individually sourced and unique in their appearence.

Individually handcrafted



One size - Pendant dimensions    14 cm x 16.5 cm


MADE TO ORDER:  The lead time is 4-5 weeks plus delivery since order placement