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Silver Serpentine ear-cuff



The Serpentine ear cuff upgrades a classic into a piece of contemporary jewellery. Inspired by a serpentine shape, the ear cuff is a minimalist sculpture in Sterling Silver, featuring the B Dodi logo engraved in the inside of the cuff. The hook and claws sit snugly around the top half of the ear for a comfortable fit.

How to wear: Using your fingers open the ‘claws’ and wrap them around the ear, tightening them until the desired fit is achieved

Part of the Serpentine collection, inspired by the reptilian animal that has inspired thousands of myths and legends dating back to the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Romans. The snake symbolises rebirth and continual renewal of life.


Sizing:  One size 


Composition:   100% Sterling Silver


BACKORDER:  The lead time is 3/4 weeks plus shipping from order placement.