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Sun Ear-cuffs [alu]


These genderless Aluminium ear-cuffs aren’t restricted to a particular fashion outfit or style. Inspired by the Sun card in the Major Arcana tarot cards, the pieces are carefully carved to draw on the powerful power of the sun to reflect happiness, contentment, self-confidence, and success with the ear cuff sitting comfortable at the outer part of the ear.

Part of the Tarots & other Stories collection which is inspired by the mystic world of tarot and its ancient wisdom. A world where magic and reality coexist. The collection brings signs, symbols and shapes to life by looking to mythological deities and harnessing their strengths.

Sold as a pair


[ K U F ]

19  xix




Sizing:  One size


Composition:  100% aluminium


BACKORDER: the lead time is 2-3 weeks plus shipping