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White Devil Set


Inspired from the Ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, the ankh, and the devil, this bold choker and cuff are made from black leather with white leather detailing and black hardware. This genderless set lets you explore your individuality with a futuristic statement accessory.

Choker Sizing

S-M      neck measures approximately       34 to 37 cm

M-L      neck measures approximately       37 to 41 cm

XL         neck measures approximately       41 to 45 cm


Cuff Sizing

S-M         wrist measures approximately      14 to 16 cm

M-L         wrist measures approximately      17 to  19 cm

XL           wrist measures approximately       20 to 22 cm


Composition: 100% leather


Made to order:  The lead tie for this piece is 2-3 weeks since your order placement.